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"We hold regular meetings with your key personnel to constantly bring new and innovative ideas to your railroad, so we can enhance services and generate additional savings for you."
-Debbie Anthony, Customer Service Manager

Welcome to RCL Burco!

Since 1978, RCL Burco has established itself as the leader in providing warehousing, packaging, inventory management and logistical services.

Class I, Regional and Short Line Railroads are using Burco as an integral partner in reducing inventories and providing on time delivery to the job site. In addition to inventory reduction, these partnerships have resulted in significant savings on labor, transaction costs and overhead. The strength of RCL Burco's service is a sophisticated inventory management system in which allows nearly all orders to be shipped complete, from stock, in 24 hours or less once a program is established. Partnerships with specialized trucking companies in addition to our "In House" capabilities enable Burco to provide a total "Logistics Management" package to the customer. Our expertise includes working with purchasing and engineering on inventory management; helping streamline the procedure process while maintaining the proper controls by the customer.

What We Offer:

  • Multi-million dollar inventory
  • Over 7,000 line items in stock from over 260 suppliers
  • Warehousing of signal, track and work equipment materials, as well as general supplies to support these groups
  • Multiple locations with warehouse and outdoor storage
  • Knowledgeable, courteous, railroad-oriented staff constantly developing innovative solutions to customer needs
  • State of the art inventory management, purchasing and billing with full E.D.I. capability, including electronic funds transfer
  • Ability to place an order 24hrs a day at eburco.com
  • Long-term contract savings

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